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The 7th Annual SoCal Little Musketeers RYC

Ethan Choi (OC Div., left) defends against an attack from Naael Corn (LAIFC) in the Y10 Men’s Foil event at the 7th Annual SoCal Little Musketeers RYC in Thousand Oaks, California.

The 7th Annual SoCal Little Musketeers RYC tournament was held at the Sports Academy in Thousand Oaks on Sept. 22 & 23, 2018. Over 400 fencers from all across Region 4 competed for medals in 17 events. Fencers from the Southern California Division acquitted themselves well, fighting their way to 46 medals, including 2 gold!

SoCal Medalist are listed below. Full results can be found, here.

SoCal Medalist - Boys

Y-14 Men's Saber2Alexander JeffordsLAIFC
Y-14 Men's Saber5Lucas ChenWCFA
Y-14 Men's Saber7Isaac AlkinLAIFC
Y-14 Men's Foil3TErnest YakushkinLAIFC
Y-14 Men's Foil8Jonathan OhPrecision / Allez
Y-14 Men's Epee1Alexander MosesLAIFC
Y-14 Men's Epee2Jackson NorbutasSwords
Y-14 Men's Epee3TMax ZhuLAIFC / Yang
Y-14 Men's Epee7Nicholas JinFortune
Y-12 Men's Saber5Alec AvakianWCFA
Y-12 Men's Saber6Jackson TannerLAIFC
Y-12 Men's Saber7Aidan ChanWCFA
Y-12 Men's Foil2Benjamin MusherLAIFC
Y-12 Men's Foil6Zachary GodzhikUFA
Y-12 Men's Foil7Ernest YakushkinLAIFC
Y-12 Men's Foil8Leor SadovskyUFA
Y-12 Men's Epee1Nicholas JinFortune
Y-12 Men's Epee3TChristopher DekermanjiSwords
Y-12 Men's Epee5Sebastien NoelBHFC
Y-12 Men's Epee6Kyran LinFortune
Y-10 Mixed Saber3TDaniil KovalevWCFA
Y-10 Mixed Saber3TMichael AndresD'Asaro
Y-10 Men's Foil2Nathan CanlasUFA
Y-10 Men's Foil3TBenjamin OroszlanUFA
Y-10 Men's Foil5Kristjan DinsayTouche
Y-10 Men's Epee6Marcel ZamoraFortune
Y-10 Men's Epee8Jake LoSwords

SoCal Medalist - Girls

Y-14 Women's Saber2Katherine AndresD'Asaro
Y-14 Women's Saber6Ryder Koll-BravmannAGFC
Y-14 Women's Saber7Charmaine AndresD'Asaro
Y-14 Women's Foil2Kailey SuhUFA
Y-14 Women's Foil3TSavannah LockeUFA
Y-14 Women's Foil5Konnie DuanUFA
Y-14 Women's Foil7Liana WadhwaniLAIFC
Y-14 Women's Epee5Natalie LeungSwords
Y-14 Women's Epee7Jasmine JinFortune
Y-12 Women's Saber2Charmaine AndresD'Asaro
Y-12 Women's Saber6Aisling TreacyAGFC
Y-12 Women's Saber7Caitlin KimAGFC
Y-12 Women's Epee5Ella LaBracheLAIFC
Y-12 Women's Epee6Camille BarbaraSwords
Y-12 Women's Epee8Tallulah NguyenSwords
Y-10 Women's Foil2Chloe ChenLAIFC
Y-10 Women's Foil3TAmeliya AyupovaUFA
Y-10 Women's Epee5Regina LeeSwords
Y-10 Mixed Saber8Jolene ChanD'Asaro

Nathan Canlas (UFA, left) makes a move against Cristiano Coelho (NorCal Div.) in the finals of the Y10 Men’s Foil event.

Brielle Lee (BHFC, right) lands a touch on Maya Shum (OC Div.) in Y12 Women’s Foil.

Thien Scofield (Allez) scores a point against Sullivan Kim (BHFC) in Y12 Men’s Epee.

Jonathan Oh (Precision) finds an angle that works against Anup Banerjee (CenCal Div.) in the Y14 Men’s Foil quarterfinals.

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