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Tournament Sanctioning Request

All members of the Southern California Division are welcome to use this online form to request tournament sanctioning. First-time users may be blocked if their email addresses are not yet in our system. Enter your email address at the bottom of this form before filling it out, if you're not sure. To have an email address added, please contact any member of the Division Executive Committee.

For example: Y14 WF, DV2 MS, etc.
Must be a current member of the SoCal Division Board of Directors.

All sanctioning requests must be submitted at least 30 days prior to the tournament date.

The competition venue must be laid out in compliance with the minimum standards set forth in this document: Minimum Standards For Sanctioned Tournaments.

A copy of this flyer must be prominently displayed near the bout committee table.

All USFA rules must be enforced. USFA’s SafeSport requirements apply, including that all required tournament personnel have current Professional member status (i.e., have successfully passed the USFA’s background check).

Referees who have not acknowledged the 2022-23 Referee Contract are ineligible to work at sanctioned events.

USFA Membership must be verified for all competitors. If even one competitor is not a current member (not listed on the posted USFA membership list as of the date of the event) without submitting a new membership form with the tournament documents, the sanctioning for the ENTIRE tournament will be withdrawn.

The complete results and sign-up lists and all supporting documentation for each event, presumed new classifications, and new membership applications must be submitted to the designated Division observer. New classifications will be verified and submitted to the National Office by the Division.