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Socal Musketeers RYC & Epee RJC

Ava Tran (UFA) makes her move against Apoorva Talwalkar (CenCal Div.) at the 6th annual SoCal Musketeers RYC & Epee RJC in Northridge, California.

Six hundred fencers from all across Region 4 filled the Student Rec Center at Cal State Northridge over the September 23, 24 weekend to vie for medals and Regional Points in 20 separate events at the 6th annual SoCal Musketeers RYC & Epee RJC. The gold medalists are listed below. Full results can be found here.

SoCal Musketeers Gold Medalists - Girls

Junior Women's Epee Claire BeddingfieldSouthern CA
Y-14 Women's FoilKristina PetrovaCentral CA
Y-14 Women's EpeeLeehi MachulskyCentral CA
Y-14 Women's SaberMira VestelNorthern CA
Y-12 Women's FoilKristina PetrovaCentral CA
Y-12 Women's EpeeLeehi MachulskyCentral CA
Y-12 Women's SaberKaley PlonkaSouthern CA
Y-10 Women's FoilGabrielle GebalaCentral CA
Y-10 Women's EpeeGabrielle GebalaCentral CA
Y-10 Women's SaberCharmaine AndresSouthern CA

SoCal Musketeers Gold Medalists - Boys

Junior Men's EpeeEmon DaroianSouthern CA
Y-14 Men's FoilDonavyn MartinezMt. Valley
Y-14 Men's EpeeStafford MoosekianSouthern CA
Y-14 Men's SaberMatthew LimbSouthern CA
Y-12 Men's FoilSpencer BurkeSan Diego
Y-12 Men's EpeeNicholas JinSouthern CA
Y-12 Men's SaberGian DhingraOrange Coast
Y-10 Men's FoilCristiano CoelhoNorthern CA
Y-10 Men's EpeeAditya JainSan Diego
Y-10 Men's SaberNathan QiuSan Diego

Lost and Found

Several items were left behind in the Student Rec Center after the tournament, including: 7 weapons, 3 body cords, 2 gloves, a mask, a fencing jacket, a women’s black jacket, 2 hoodies, a T-shirt, 3 water bottles, 2 collapsable chairs, and a drawstring bag. If you believe that any of these items might belong to you, please contact Lost and Found. Whatever is not claimed in 30 days will be donated to needy fencers.

Y-14 WF: Jeanelle Myers (San Bernardino Div.) scores with a lunge against Audrey Young (UFA).

Y-14 WF: Dana Korol (CenCal Div.) puts all her effort into the fight against Kailey Suh (UFA).

JR WE: Jeanelle Myers (San Bern. Div.) vs. Irene Yeu (Swords).

Y-10 ME: Daniel Oganesian (Swords) takes the piste.

Y-14 MF: Jonathan Irvine clenches it against Case Avron with a behind-the-back touch (both LAIFC fencers).

JR WE: Helen Myers (San Bern. Div.) lands a touch on the arm of Emily Zhou (Swords).

Y-12 MS: Ethan Gianetto (D’Asaro) is parried by Nathan Leung (Z Fencing).

Y-12 MF: Ernest Yakushkin (LAIFC) on the move against Neel Dankar (Central CA Div.).

Y-14 WF: Ava Tran (left, UFA) in her first DE bout of the day against Apoorva Talwalkar (CenCal Div.).

Y-12 MS: Conner Lee (left) vs. Titus Nieto (both San Diego Div.).

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