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5th Annual Little Musketeers RYC Results

Full Results are listed here.

SoCal fencers in the top 8 are listed below.

Y-14 Men’s Foil
Gold: Ilya Ayupov (UFA)
Bronze: Eric Yu (LAIFC)
Bronze: Justin Ho (UFA)
5th: Bryce Louie (LAIFC)

Y-12 Women’s Epee
Gold: Olivia Daniel (Fortune)
Silver: Nora Wang (Fortune)
Bronze: Lauren McLane (Swords)
5th: Jasmine Jin (Fortune)

Y-12 Men’s Epee
Gold: Ryan Lin (Fortune)
Bronze: Jackson Norbutas (Swords)
6th: Rowen Hicks (Swords)
7th: Nicholas Jin (Fortune)

Y-14 Women’s Foil
Gold: Rowan Park (LAIFC)
Silver: Kate Yamaguchi (UFA)
Bronze: Zoe Kalamaros (Precision)
5th: Ava Tran (UFA)

Y-14 Men’s Saber
Bronze: Matthew Limb (AGFC)
7th: Alexander Jeffords (LAIFC)

Y-10 Women’s Foil
Bronze: Ameliya Ayupova (UFA)
5th: Alexandra Tepman (UFA)

Y-10 Men’s Foil
Silver: Benjamin Musher (LAIFC)
6th: Lawrence Naygas (LAIFC)
7th: Zachary Godzhik (UFA)

Y-14 Women’s Saber
5th: Rachel Lee (AGFC)

Y-10 Women’s Saber
Bronze: Diana Gomes (GSA)
5th: Charmaine Andres (D’Asaro)
6th: Melody Huang (Z Fencing)

Y-10 Men’s Saber
Bronze: Brody Machado (AGFC)
5th: Jackson Tanner (LAIFC)
8th: Qingcheng Yang (Z Fencing)

Y-14 Women’s Epee
Gold: Irene Yeu (Swords)
Bronze: Jasmine Jin (Fortune)
Bronze: Josephine Lieber (LAIFC)
5th: Aretha Gao (LAIFC)
8th: Olivia Daniel (Fortune)

Y-14 Men’s Epee
5th: Stafford Moosekian (Swords)
8th: Wilson Zhu (Fortune)

Y-10 Women’s Epee
Gold: Ella LaBrache (LAIFC)
Bronze: Sasha Barnow (LAIFC)
Bronze: Sabrina Lo (Fortune)
5th: Jade Gauriat (BHFC)
7th: Zoe Kim (Swords)
8th: Nisa Qureshi (Fortune)

Junior Men’s Epee
Gold: Kevin Chao (LAIFC)
Silver: Emon Daroian (Swords)
5th: Aidan Kung (Swords)
6th: Zhao Chen (Swords)

Y-12 Women’s Foil
Gold: Ava Tran (UFA)
Silver: Kaila Yi (UFA)
5th: Ellen Yu (UFA)
8th: Kailey Suh (UFA)

Y-10 Men’s Epee
Gold: Nicholas Jin (Fortune)
Silver: Kyran Lin (Fortune)
Bronze: Kian Koohpareh (Swords)
5th: Sebastien Noel (BHFC)
7th: Christopher Dekermanji (Swords)

Y-12 Women’s Saber
Silver: Riya Patel (D’Asaro)
5th: Janna Freedman (D’Asaro)
8th: Kaley Plonka (D’Asaro)

Junior Women’s Epee
Gold: Rachel Bang (Swords)
Silver: Emily Beihold (Swords)
Bronze: Irene Yeu (Swords)
Bronze: Kristen Kim (Swords)
6th: Ashley Liang (Fortune)
7th: Lexiss Morgan (Swords)

Y-12 Men’s Saber
Bronze: Matthew Limb (AGFC)
Bronze: Alexander Jeffords (LAIFC)
7th: Oliver Berger (LAIFC)
8th: Aaron Licht (LAIFC)

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