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A Bakersfield and SoCal First!

Lucas Dobrzanski and Mario Rodriguez, PLY at the Bakersfield Walk-&-Roll Tournament on June 25.

On Sunday, June 25, 2023, the Kern Athletic Fencing Foundation (KAFF) held its inaugural Bakersfield Walk-&-Roll 2-weapon Open Tournament. This USFA-sanctioned tournament format offered the exciting opportunity for able-bodied fencers to compete along with parafencers in a traditional pools-through-direct-elimination format.

When one or both of the competitors in a bout is a parafencer, the bout takes place with both fencers fully seated in wheelchair fencing frames. When both fencers are able-bodied the bout is conducted on a conventional fencing strip.

The Kern Athletic Fencing Foundation is developing a successful parafencing program and KAFF is proud to present the first tournament of this style in Southern California and maybe the West Coast!

If you have any questions please contact Lucas Dobrzanski.

Senior Mixed Saber (L to R): Carolina Geyer (2nd), Kevin Reeve (1st), Victoria Geyer & Harrison Gauthier-Parker (tied for 3rd).
Top row (L to R): Rudoph Streitz, Carolina Geyer, Lucas Dobrzanski, Harrison Gauthier-Parker, Victoria Geyer, Matthew VanHeerden, Guerin Reighard. Bottom row with parafencers: Gregory Tyler, Kevin Reeve, Mario Rodriguez.
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