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2017 Meade H. Anderson RYC Results

Y-12 Men’s Foil: Benjamin Musher and Hudson Aibel (both of LAIFC) mix it up at the 10th Annual Meade H. Anderson Memorial RYC.

The 2017-18 fencing season got off to a great start in Southern California with LAIFC’s 10th Annual Meade H. Anderson Memorial RYC tournament held on September 9 & 10 (which just so happened to coincide with World Fencing Day and National Fencing Weekend). A total of 291 fencers from 9 divisions competed in 18 separate events for medals and Regional Points. Congratulations to all who participated.

2017 Meade H. Anderson RYC Gold Medalists

Y-10 Men's FoilAditya JainSan Diego
Y-12 Men's FoilRenzo FukudaNorthern CA
Y-14 Men's FoilEric YuSouthern CA
Y-10 Women's FoilRuoxi SunCentral CA
Y-12 Women's FoilSavannah LockeSouthern CA
Y-14 Women's FoilMia JoSouthern CA
Y-10 Men's EpeeSebastien NoelSouthern CA
Y-12 Men's EpeeThomas ChungNevada
Y-14 Men's EpeeStafford MoosekianSouthern CA
Y-10 Women's EpeeBrianna MunOrange Coast
Y-12 Women's EpeeNatalie GebalaCentral CA
Y-14 Women's EpeeAafreen QureshiSouthern CA
Y-10 Men's SaberChristopher LeeSan Diego
Y-12 Men's SaberGian DhingraOrange Coast
Y-14 Men's SaberKevin SohnOrange Coast
Y-10 Women's SaberCharmaine AndresSouthern CA
Y-12 Women's SaberNatalie ShearerOrange Coast
Y-14 Women's SaberRiya PatelSouthern CA

Complete results can be found here.

Y-12 Women’s Foil: Savannah Locke of UFA (right) plants one on the shoulder of Camille Oteyza (OC Div.).

Y-12 Men’s Foil: Jonathan Oh of Precision Athletics (right) finds an opening under the elbow of Renzo Fukuda (NorCal Div.).

Y-14 Men’s Epee: Edward Lee’s flèche is met with a counter-attack by Aaron Liang (both of Swords Fencing Studio).

Y-12 Men’s Foil: Benjamin Musher of LAIFC (left) on the attack against Aditya Jain (San Diego Div.).

Y-12 Women’s Saber: Angelina Yang (LAIFC) vs Charmaine Andres (D’Asaro).

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