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2023 Summer Nationals – SoCal Results

Fencers from the Southern California Division had a terrific showing at this year’s National Championships and July Challenge in Phoenix, Arizona, bringing home no fewer than 47 medals, and six National Titles! No other division of USA Fencing won more (the New Jersey Division also won six).

The newly minted National Champions from the Southern California Division, are:

Daryl Taylor – Vet-70 Men’s Epee National Champion
Howard Li – Y-12 Men’s Saber National Champion
Patricia Bedrosian – Vet-80 Women’s Epee National Champion
Regina Lee – Y-12 Women’s Epee National Champion
Regina Lee – Y-14 Women’s Epee National Champion (Yes, she won them both!)
Xuanyi Zhang – Y-12 Women’s Saber National Champion

Congratulations to all our medalists!

SoCal medalists are listed below. For full results, go here.

SoCal Medalists – Women

Div I Women’s Epee2Kasia NixonPWF / FC
Div II Women’s Saber2Mirka RamirezSBFA
Div III Women’s Saber6Michelle ChoSBFA
Div III Women’s Saber7Mirka RamirezSBFA
Y-10 Women’s Foil6TAbby YaoSCFC
Y-10 Women’s Saber6Evelyn JiangLAFAP
Y-12 Women’s Foil2Chloe SunSCFC
Y-12 Women’s Epee1Regina LeeSwords
Y-12 Women’s Epee2Yoyo WangSwords
Y-12 Women’s Epee6Camilla LeeSwords
Y-12 Women’s Saber1Xuanyi ZhangLAFAP
Y-14 Women’s Foil5TChloe ChenElite
Y-14 Women’s Epee1Regina LeeSwords
Y-14 Women’s Epee5Olivia LeeSwords
Cadet Women’s Epee3TZoe KimSwords
Cadet Women’s Saber2Charmaine AndresSCFA
Junior Women’s Saber2Charmaine AndresSCFA
Vet-40 Women’s Epee6Sue MohebiAce
Vet-60 Women’s Saber6Lydia FabryAGFC / SBFA
Vet-80 Women’s Foil2Patricia BedrosianCouturier
Vet-80 Women’s Epee1Patricia BedrosianCouturier

SoCal Medalists – Men

Div I Men’s Foil5Bryce LouieLAIFC
Div I Men’s Epee6Omar EmaraFortune / USAF
Div I-A Men’s Epee5Gabriel EversLAIFC
Div II Men’s Epee7Stanley ZhouLAIFC / No Fear
Div II Men’s Saber8Diego BarriosSBFA
Div III Men’s Saber5Lucas KroonSBFA
Div III Men’s Saber7Diego BarriosSBFA
Y-12 Men’s Epee2Allen ChenSwords
Y-12 Men’s Saber1Howard LiLAFAP
Y-12 Men’s Saber5TMichael AndresSCFA
Y-12 Men’s Saber5TJayden HwangLAFAP
Y-14 Men’s Epee7Jake LoSwords
Y-14 Men’s Saber8Howard LiLAFAP
Cadet Men’s Epee3TChaney GaoSwords
Cadet Men’s Epee5Jake LoSwords
Vet-40 Men’s Epee2Eric HansenLAIFC
Vet-40 Men’s Saber8Derek PlankAGFC
Vet-50 Men’s Foil2Oliver FoellmerLAIFC
Vet-60 Men’s Foil5Jamie DouraghyLAIFC
Vet-60 Men’s Foil7Gerald LeblancElite / LAIFC
Vet-60 Men’s Epee8David JensenFortune
Vet-70 Men’s Epee1Daryl TaylorFortune
Vet-80 Men’s Foil3TElmer Dean Martin IIILAIFC
Vet-80 Men’s Epee7James GallivanFortune / SDFA
Vet-80 Men’s Saber3TLucas DobrzanskiKAFF / Gryphon
Y-10 Men’s Saber2Hagan HwangLAFAP
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