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2018 Summer Nationals Qualifier Results

Rachel Lee (AGFC, left) blocks out Sarah Innes-Gold (UCSB) in Div II Women’s Saber.

Fifty-three SoCal fencers qualified for the 2018 Summer Nationals in the qualification tournament held at Hoover High School in Glendale on Saturday, Feb. 24. The Summer Nationals, which will crown champions in Div 1A, Div II, Div III, Y10, Y12 Y14, and Veteran events, will be held in St. Louis, MO from June 28 to July 7, 2018. For more information, see here.

Congratulations to all our qualified fencers and good luck in St. Louis!

Qualified fencers are listed below. For full results, see here.

Qualified Fencers - Men

Div II Men's Foil1Zachary WhartonUFADV2MF DV3MF
Div II Men's Foil2Justin HoUFADV2MF DV3MF
Div II Men's Foil3Ethan HodessLAIFCDV2MF DV3MF
Div II Men's Foil4Case AvronLAIFCDV3MF
Div II Men's Foil5Julian AmicoUFADV3MF
Div II Men's Foil6Ilyas MolinaUFADV3MF
Div II Men's Foil11Duane ChanConejoVETMF
Div II Men's Epee1Thomas MooreSwordsDV2ME DV3ME
Div II Men's Epee2Jackson NorbutasSwordsDV2ME
Div II Men's Epee3Neekon KoohparehSwordsDV2ME DV3ME
Div II Men's Epee4Saam MohebiSwordsDV3ME
Div II Men's Epee5Juan Manuel VeloSwordsDV3ME
Div II Men's Epee6Alec ZhouLAIFCDV3ME
Div II Men's Epee10Olivier GauriatBHFCVETME
Div II Men's Saber1Sean ChuAGFCDV2MS DV3MS
Div II Men's Saber2Matthew LimbAGFCDV2MS DV3MS
Div II Men's Saber3Benjamin KimAGFCDV2MS DV3MS
Div II Men's Saber4Joshua LiWCFADV3MS
Div II Men's Saber5Troy RichardsonAGFCDV3MS VETMS
Div II Men's Saber6Trevor TrinhAGFCDV3MS
Y-14 Men's Foil1Adam SelivanovUFAY14MF
Y-14 Men's Foil2Carson SchinningSWLAY14MF
Y-14 Men's Foil3Zander VazquezUFAY14MF
Y-14 Men's Epee1Holden FeesBHFCY14ME
Y-14 Men's Epee2Sterling KimBHFCY14ME
Y-14 Men's Epee3Christopher DekermanjiSwordsY14ME
Y-14 Men's Saber1George Philipe GheneaAGFCY14MS
Y-14 Men's Saber2Hank BauerLAIFCY14MS
Y-14 Men's Saber3Joshua YooLAIFCY14MS

Qualified Fencers - Women

Div II Women's Foil1Samantha YehLAIFCDV2WF
Div II Women's Foil2Blanche YangLAIFCDV2WF DV3WF
Div II Women's Foil3Lena FoellmerLAIFCDV2WF DV3WF
Div II Women's Foil4Madalyn MacarrWCFADV3WF
Div II Women's Foil5Audrey YoungUFADV3WF
Div II Women's Foil6Harriet EcksteinPresidioDV3WF VETWF
Div II Women's Epee1Emily ZhouSwordsDV2WE DV3WE
Div II Women's Epee2Gabrielle YacobiBHFCDV2WE DV3WE
Div II Women's Epee3Alice OganesianSwordsDV2WE DV3WE
Div II Women's Epee4Sue MohebiSwordsDV3WE VETWE
Div II Women's Epee5Josephine LieberLAIFCDV3WE
Div II Women's Epee6Marie VoskanyanSwordsDV3WE
Div II Women's Epee7Irene TongFortuneVETWE
Div II Women's Epee8Olga IvanovaSwordsVETWE
Div II Women's Saber1Madalyn MacarrWCFADV2WS
Div II Women's Saber2Emily YeeD'AsaroDV2WS DV3WS
Div II Women's Saber3Sarah Innes-GoldUCSBDV2WS DV3WS
Div II Women's Saber4Carolina GeyerKAFFDV3WS
Div II Women's Saber5Rachel LeeAGFCDV3WS
Div II Women's Saber6Sawako IizukaAGFCDV3WS VETWS
Y-14 Women's Foil1Phoenix AbeSWLAY14WF
Y-14 Women's Foil2Audrey YoungUFAY14WF
Y-14 Women's Foil3Zoe BrownePoints WestY14WF
Y-14 Women's Epee1Jade GauriatBHFCY14WE
Y-14 Women's Epee2Marie VoskanyanSwordsY14WE
Y-14 Women's Epee3Mickey ZhangSwordsY14WE
Y-14 Women's SaberDNFAisling TreacyAGFCY14WS

Y14 Men’s Epee: Chester Thompson (Allez, right) lands one on Holden Fees (BHFC).

Edward Lee (Swords) takes on Stanley Zhou (LAIFC) in Y14 Men’s Epee.

Div II Women’s Saber: Carolina Geyer (KAFF, left) scores on the wrist of Rachel Lee (AGFC) in the table of 8.

Div II Men’s Foil: Case Avron (LAIFC, right) has his blade go all wobbly as he scores a touch against Ilyas Molina (UFA) in the round of 8.

Div II Men’s Foil: Joshua Piesner (UFA) scores against Lucas Nichols (Presidio) in the round of 16.

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