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Junior Olympic Qualifier Results

Olivia Chiang (left, AGFC) scores against Emily Yee (D’Asaro) in Junior Women’s Saber action at the 2017 Junior Olympic Qualifier in Thousand Oaks.

Twenty-nine SoCal fencers qualified for the 2018 Junior Olympic Championships at this year’s JO Qualifier at the Sports Academy in Thousand Oaks on Saturday. The Junior Olympics will be held in Memphis, Tennessee, on February 16-19, 2018. Good luck to all our fencers who participate!

Qualified fencers are listed below. Full results for the tournament can be found here.

Qualified Fencers - Men

Junior Men's Foil1Ryan TobinLAIFCJR MF & CDT MF
Junior Men's Foil2Li MeinholdPresidioJR MF & CDT MF
Junior Men's Foil3Zachary WhartonUFAJR MF & CDT MF
Junior Men's Epee1Jackson NorbutasSwordsJR ME & CDT ME
Junior Men's Epee2Thomas MooreSwordsJR ME & CDT ME
Junior Men's Epee3Alec ZhouLAIFCJR ME & CDT ME
Junior Men's Saber1Trevor TrinhAGFCJR MS & CDT MS
Junior Men's Saber2Alexander TippieWest CoastJR MS & CDT MS
Junior Men's Saber3Benjamin KimAGFCJR MS & CDT MS
Cadet Men's Foil1Ethan HodessLAIFCCDT MF
Cadet Men's Foil2Theo FunkPresidioCDT MF
Cadet Men's Foil3TCase AvronLAIFCCDT MF
Cadet Men's Foil3TLi MeinholdPresidioAuto
Cadet Men's Epee1Jai ShourieLAIFCCDT ME
Cadet Men's Epee2Anacan MangelsdorfBHFCCDT ME
Cadet Men's Epee3TAlexander ComerFortuneCDT ME
Cadet Men's Epee3TMiles Glapa-GrosskiagAllezCDT ME
Cadet Men's Saber1Alexander TippieWest CoastCDT MS
Cadet Men's Saber2Benjamin KimAGFCCDT MS
Cadet Men's Saber3Trevor TrinhAGFCCDT MS

Qualified Fencers - Women

Junior Women's Foil1Sofia PrietoPoints WestJR WF & CDT WF
Junior Women's Foil2Julie GaetaPrecisionJR WF & CDT WF
Junior Women's Epee1Emily ZhouSwordsJR WE & CDT WE
Junior Women's Epee2Gabrielle MoretaBHFCJR WE
Junior Women's Epee3Gabrielle YacobiBHFCJR WE
Junior Women's Saber1Riya PatelD'AsaroJR WS & CDT WS
Junior Women's Saber2Evelyn ChinD'AsaroJR WS & CDT WS
Junior Women's Saber3Olivia ChiangAGFCJR WS & CDT WS
Cadet Women's Foil1Sofia PrietoPoints WestCDT WF
Cadet Women's Foil2Xintong YuanPoints WestCDT WF
Cadet Women's Epee1Marie VoskanyanSwordsCDT WE
Cadet Women's Epee2Josephine LieberLAIFCCDT WE
Cadet Women's Saber1Olivia ChiangAGFCCDT WS
Cadet Women's Saber2Carolina GeyerKAFFCDT WS
Cadet Women's Saber3Caroline KaleelBHFCCDT WS

Li Meinhold (left, Presidio) prepares an attack against Zachary Wharton (UFA) in Junior Men’s Foil.

Anacan Mangelsdorf (BHFC) lands a touch on the arm of Jai Shourie (LAIFC) in the Cadet Men’s Epee finals.

Theo Funk (Presidio) closes in on Case Avron (LAIFC) in the Cadet Men’s Foil event.

Ryan Tobin (LAIFC) takes a hit from Li Meinhold (Presidio) in the finals of Junior Men’s Foil.

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