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2021 Summer Nationals and Junior Olympics

This year’s combined Summer Nationals and Junior Olympic Championships took place in Philadelphia from July 3 to July 12, 2021. Congratulations to all our medalists (listed below). Full results can be found, here.

SoCal Medalists - Men

Div I Men's Foil1Nick ItkinLAIFC/Notre Dame
Div I Men's Epee6Adi Thein-SandlerLAIFC
Div III Men's Epee3Rohin PhukanSwordsC21
Y-10 Men's Saber3Daniil KovalevLaguna FC
Y-10 Men's Saber6Jayden HwangPomona
Y-12 Men's Foil6Nathan CanlasUFA
Y-12 Men's Saber6Michael AndresSouth Bay FA
Y-14 Men's Epee6Kyran LinFortune
Cadet Men's Epee3Max ZhuTeamK/YangA21
Junior Men's Foil3Eric YuLAIFC
Junior Men's Foil5Bryce LouieLAIFC
Vet-50 Men's Foil2Oliver FoellmerLAIFCB21
Vet-60 Men's Foil3Jamie DouraghyLAIFC/Elite

SoCal Medalists - Women

Div I Women's Epee5Kasia NixonFencers Club/LAIFC
Div I Women's Epee7Anna Van BrummenAllianceA21
Div I-A Women's Saber3Charmaine AndresSouth Bay FA
Div I-A Women's Saber5Stephanie CaoLaguna FC
Div II Women's Foil2Savannah LockeLAIFCB21
Div III Women's Saber1Kira EriksonSouth Bay FAC21
Y-10 Women's Foil3Chloe SunOCFC
Y-10 Women's Epee2Regina LeeSwords
Y-10 Women's Epee7Camilla LeeSwords
Y-10 Women's Saber3Xuanyi ZhangPomona
Y-10 Women's Saber6Jolene ChanSouth Bay FA
Y-12 Women's Epee5Regina LeeSwords
Y-12 Women's Epee7Olivia LeeSwords
Y-14 Women's Saber3Janna FreedmanSouth Bay FA
Vet-40 Women's Epee1Michele ChimientiNo Fear/Fortune
Vet-40 Women's Epee8Sue MohebiAce FA
Vet-60 Women's Saber2Lydia FabrySouth Bay FA
Vet-60 Women's Epee8Lydia FabrySouth Bay FAD21
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