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Junior Olympic Championships

Dates and Cities

1972Apr 7–9Niles, IL
1973Feb 17–19Woodland Hills, CA
1974Feb 16–18Tallahassee, FL
1975Feb 15–17Portland, OR
1976Feb 14–16Detroit, MI
1977Feb 19–21San Mateo, CA
1978Feb 18–20Houston, TX
1979Feb 17–19Boston, MA
1980Feb 16–18Vancouver, WA
1981Feb 14–16Cleveland, OH
1982Feb 13–15Los Angeles, CA
1983Feb 19–21Tampa, FL
1984Feb 18–20Portland, OR
1985Feb 16–18Warrensville, OH
1986Feb 15–17St. Paul, MN
1987Feb 13–16Orlando, FL
1988Feb 12–15Cleveland, OH
1989Feb 17–20Colorado Springs, CO
1990Feb 16–19St. Charles, IL
1991Feb 15–18Little Rock, AR
1992Feb 14–17Kansas City, MO
1993Feb 12–15Colorado Springs, CO
1994Feb 18–21Little Rock, AR
1995Feb 17–20San Jose, CA
1996Feb 16–19Louisville, KY
1997Feb 14–17Marlborough, MA
1998Feb 13–16Oakland, CA
1999Feb 12–15Chattanooga, TN
2000Feb 18–21Sacramento, CA
2001Feb 16–19Salt Lake City, UT
2002Feb 15–18Columbus, OH
2003Feb 14–17Colorado Springs, CO
2004Feb 13–16Cleveland, OH
2005Feb 18–21Arlington, TX
2006Feb 17–20Hartford, CT
2007Feb 16–19Denver, CO
2008Feb 15–18Charlotte, NC
2009Feb 13–16Albuquerque, NM
2010Feb 12–15Memphis, TN
2011Feb 18–21Dallas, TX
2012Feb 17–20Salt Lake City, UT
2013Feb 15–18Baltimore, MD
2014Feb 14–17Portland, OR
2015Feb 13–16Richmond, VA
2016Feb 12–15Cleveland, OH
2017Feb 17–20Kansas City, MO
2018Feb 16–19Memphis, TN
2019Feb 15–18Denver, CO
2020Feb 14–17Columbus, OH
2021Jul 3–6Philadelphia, PA
2022Feb 18–21Salt Lake City, UT
2023Feb 17–20Denver, CO
2024Feb 16–19Charlotte, NC

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