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December NAC Results

Zoe Kalamaros (left, Precision AFC) takes on Elizabeth Yugov (New Jersey Div.) in Division II Women’s Foil.

This year’s December NAC was held in a chilly Portland, Oregon, on Dec. 8-11, 2017. Congratulations to all of our medalists listed below. Full Results can be found, here.

December NAC - SoCal Medalists

DV1 WF8Madison ZeissE.D.L. / LAIFCA17
VET Combined MF5Jamie DouraghyLAIFC
VET 40 MF6Tim RobinsonPresidio / UCSBFCD17
VET 50 MF6Jamie DouraghyLAIFC
VET 70 WF3Patricia BedrosianCouturier
DV1 ME6Justin YooLAIFC / Penn
DV1 WE Classification2Aretha GaoLAIFC
DV1 ME Classification7Aidan KungSwords
DV2 WE1Jiyoung LeeLAIFCB17
DV2 WE6Eunyoung JeongLAIFCC17
DV2 ME5Daniel ComerFortune
VET 40 WE5Michele ChimientiNo Fear / Swords
VET 70 WE3Patricia BedrosianCouturier
DV1 WS8Mikaela AvakianAGFC
VET 70 WS3Anna Mannino
VET 70 MS3Lucas DobrzanskiKAFF
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