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2019 SoCal Open and Summer National Qualifier Results

Karen Bei (Team Touche Fencing Center, San Diego) scores a decisive touch on Evan Ogilvie (Battle Born Fencing Club, Nevada) in the round of 16 at the SoCal Open on Saturday.

The combined SoCal Open and Summer National Qualifier tournaments were held on the campus of Cal State University, Northridge on March 30. One hundred and twenty-seven fencers ranging in age from Y-14 to Veteran competed for medals and the chance to fence in the Summer Nationals in Columbus, Ohio (June 28 – July 7, 2019). Congratulations to all our medalists, and good luck to our qualified fencers in Ohio!

SoCal Open medalists are listed below. Full results can be found here.

SoCal Open Medalists

Senior Mixed Epee1Stafford MoosekianSwords
Senior Mixed Epee2Jackson NorbutasSwords
Senior Mixed Epee3TEvan OgilvieBattle Born
Senior Mixed Epee3TTrevor ShepardSwords
Senior Mixed Foil1Zachary DingGolubitsky
Senior Mixed Foil2Theo FunkUFA
Senior Mixed Foil3TZachary WhartonUFA
Senior Mixed Foil3TElisha TanGolubitsky

Fencers who qualified for the Summer Nationals are listed below. Full results can be found here.

Qualified Fencers

Y-14 Men's Foil1Joshua OhPrecisionY14 MF
Y-14 Men's Foil2Rhonen HarrisLAIFCY14 MF
Y-14 Men's Foil3Raphael NersisyanY14 MF
Div II Men's Epee1Juan VeloSwordsDV2 ME
Div II Men's Epee2Shane GraysonLAIFCDV2 ME, DV3 ME
Div II Men's Epee3TBeichen FanLAIFCDV2 ME, DV3 ME
Div II Men's Epee3TNicholas LocasaleLAIFCDV2 ME, VET ME
Div II Men's Epee6Martin VolkSwordsDV3 ME
Div II Men's Epee7Spencer KaganBHFCDV3 ME
Div II Men's Epee8Gus AhnBHFCDV3 ME
Div II Men's Epee14Olivier GauriatAllezVET ME
Y-14 Women's FoilDNFEliora OlshanskyUFAY14 WF
Div II Women's Epee1Amanda PrimesLAIFCDV2 WE
Div II Women's Epee2Alice OganesianSwordsDV2, DV3 WE
Div II Women's Epee3Jacquie ParkerAllezDV2, DV3 WE, VET WE
Div II Women's Epee4Olga IvanovaSwordsDV3 WE, VET WE
Div II Women's Epee5Sue MohebiSwordsDV3 WE, VET WE
Div II Men's Saber1Henry HasnahD’AsaroDV2 MS, DV3 MS
Div II Men's Saber2Oliver BergerLAIFCDV2 MS, DV3 MS
Div II Men's Saber3Joshua LiAGFCDV2 MS, DV3 MS
Div II Men's Saber4Alexander KorinthD’AsaroDV3 MS
Div II Men's Saber5Samuel ReedD’AsaroDV3 MS
Div II Men's Saber6Hank BauerLAIFCDV3 MS
Div II Men's Saber7Troy RichardsonAGFCVET MS
Div II Women's Saber1Katherine AndresD’AsaroDV2 WS, DV3 WS
Div II Women's Saber2Carolina GeyerKAFFDV2 WS, DV3 WS
Div II Women's Saber3Kaley PlonkaD’AsaroDV2 WS, DV3 WS
Div II Women's Saber4Sawako IizukaAGFCDV3 WS, VET WS
Div II Men's Foil1Adam SelivanovUFADV2 MF, DV3 MF
Div II Men's Foil2Case AvronLAIFCDV2 MF, DV3 MF
Div II Men's Foil3Julian AmicoUFADV2 MF, DV3 MF
Div II Men's Foil4Joshua PiesnerUFADV3 MF
Div II Men's Foil6David WhartonUFADV3 MF, VET MF
Y-14 Men's Epee1Shane GraysonLAIFCY14 ME
Y-14 Men's Epee2Zander VazquezUFAY14 ME
Y-14 Men's Epee3TDevon WangLAIFCY14 ME
Y-14 Men's Epee3TSebastien NoelBHFCY14 ME
Y-14 Women's EpeeDNFTianyun TanBHFCY14 WE
Div II Women's Foil1Sofia PrietoUFADV2 WF
Div II Women's Foil2Audrey YoungUFADV2 WF, DV3 WF
Div II Women's Foil3Lena FoellmerLAIFCDV2 WF, DV3 WF
Div II Women's Foil4Carolina GeyerKAFFDV3 WF
Y-14 Women's SaberDNFSara ShannonD'AsaroY14 WS
Y-14 Men's Saber1Maxim LikerAGFCY14 MS
Y-14 Men's Saber2Joshua YooLAIFCY14 MS
Y-14 Men's Saber3Aidan ChanWCFAY14 MS
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