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Taylor Topples Dragonetti at April NAC

Daryl Taylor (Fortune) lands a counterattack on the mask of Walter Dragonetti (Nevada Div.) in the finals of the Vet-60 Men’s Epee event at the April NAC in Salt Lake City.

The Salt Palace Convention Center in Salt Lake City, Utah was the venue for this season’s Division I/Wheelchair National Championships and April NAC (April 12-15, 2019) where Southern California fencers made a fine showing, bringing home 20 medals in all.

Veteran fencer Daryl Taylor won gold in the Vet-60 Men’s Epee event, defeating five-time Veteran National Champion (and two-time Veteran World Champion) Walter Dragonetti 5-4 in the finals. This marked the fourth time that the two had met in the finals or semi-finals of a National tournament, but the first time that things went Daryl’s way.

Special recognition also goes to our two Division I National Championship medalists: Madison Zeiss (foil) and Kasia Nixon (epee). Each finished 5th.

Southern California Medalist are listed below. Full Results can be found, here.

SoCal Medalists - Men

Div II Men’s Epee3TPatrick BurtonFortune
Div II Men’s Epee6Alexander MosesLAIFC
Div III Men’s Foil8Case AvronLAIFC
Div III Men’s Saber3TBenjamin KimAGFC
Vet-40 Men’s Saber6Derek PlonkaD’Asaro
Vet-50 Men’s Foil5Oliver FoellmerLAIFC
Vet-60 Men’s Foil3TJerry LeBlancLAIFC/BHFC
Vet-60 Men’s Foil5Jamie DouraghyLAIFC
Vet-60 Men’s Epee1Daryl TaylorFortune/Lancier
Vet-70 Men’s Foil8Paul KazimiroffBHFC
Veteran Men’s Epee3TCarl LoefflerLAIFC
Veteran Men’s Epee8Daryl TaylorFortune/Lancier

SoCal Medalists - Women

Div I Women's Foil5Madison ZeissLAIFC
Div I Women’s Epee5Kasia NixonPrinceton
Div II Women's Epee3TEmily GiffordAlamo FA
Div II Women’s Saber5Janna FreedmanD’Asaro
Div III Women’s Saber7Katherine AndresD’Asaro
Vet-40 Women’s Epee3TMichele ChimientiNo Fear/Swords
Vet-40 Women’s Epee7Sue MohebiSwords
Vet-60 Women’s Saber3TLydia FabryWCFA
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