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SoCal Fencers Kick Off the 2019-20 Season in Kansas City

The first North American Cup of the 2019-20 season was held at the Convention Center in Kansas City, Missouri from Oct. 18 to 21. Events contested were Division I, Division II, Cadet and Parafencing. Congratulations to all our medalists.

SoCal Medalists - Men

Div I Men's Foil1Nick ItkinLAIFC/Notre Dame
Div I Men's Epee5Justin YooLAIFC
Div I Men's Epee8Hugh MilamLAIFC
Cadet Men's Foil3Eric YuLAIFC
Cadet Men's Epee2Stafford MoosekianSwords
Cadet Men's Saber7Matthew LimbAGFC

SoCal Medalists - Women

Div I Women's Epee8Kasia NixonLAIFC
Cadet Women's Epee8Natalie LeungSwordsA19
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