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Results from Gore for the Gold

Open Epee Medalists (left to right): Vahram Tovmasyan (1st), Tigran Shaginian (2nd), Madeline Kehl (3rd), William Gelnaw (3rd), and Chris Getsla (5th).

Congratulations to the medalists in this year’s Gore for the Gold open epee event:

1. Vahram Tovmasyan (Swords)
2. Tigran Shaginian (Swords)
3. William Gelnaw (No Fear)
3. Madeline Kehl (Swords)
5. Chris Getsla (Cabrillo)
6. MacGregor Mooney (Fortune)
7. Trevor Shepard (Swords)
8. Ryan Farley (Fortune)


Women’s Epee Medalists (left to right): Meghan Pinchuk (7th), Lea Chang (6th), Shirley Luong (5th), Esther Ruiz (3rd), Belinda Mo (3rd), Anna Gooch (2nd), and Madeline Kehl (1st).

Congratulations to our medalists in Women’s Epee at this year’s Gore for the Gold:

1. Madeline Kehl (Swords)
2. Anna Gooch (Fortune)
3. Belinda Mo (Swords)
3. Esther Ruiz (Swords)
5. Shirley Luong (Fortune)
6. Lea Chang (Fortune)
7. Meghan Pinchuk (Swords)
8. Ashley Ridge (Cabrillo)


Congratulations to the medalists in this year’s Gore for the Gold Y-14 epee event:

1. John Gardner
2. Belinda Mo (Swords)
3. Simon Redding (Fortune)
4. Adrien Thein-Sandler (LAIFC)
5. Jamie Bang (Fortune)
6. Tristan Perez (Swords)
7. Shirley Luong (Fortune)
8. Parker Lack (Encinitas)


Scenes from the incredible Open Epee final between Vahram Tovmasyan and Tigran Shaginian, both of Swords Fencing Studio.

And the Women’s Epee final: Anna Gooch (Fortune) versus Madeline Kehl (Swords).

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