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LAIFC Men’s & Women’s Epee Results

Congratulations to Tasha Hall, who took the gold medal, and to the other medalists in women’s epee at the LAIFC Invitational!

Left to right: Kendrick Mooney (3rd), Kasia Nixon (3rd), Stefania Ruibal (2nd), Tasha Hall (1st).

Stefania Ruibal (left) and Tasha Hall.

Some fencing action.

Congratulations to Kevin Mo who took the gold medal, and to our other medalists at LAIFC’s men’s epee event!

Kevin Mo (left) versus Jens Stephan in the final.

Left to right: Kevin Mo (1st), Jens Stephan (2nd), Oscar Flores (3rd), Remy Olson (3rd), and Coach Edouard Demirchian.

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