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JO Quals Path Clarification

There was some confusion among fencers on whether or not they had already qualified for the 2016 Junior Olympics. The USFA does not do a great job on their website of explaining this so we will try to clear up some of the questions.

You can be auto-qualified if you earned points in the 2015 Junior Olympics, 2015 Summer Nationals, or in the 2015 October NAC. You will qualify if you earn points in the upcoming November and December NACs as well. Normally points roll off the rolling points list right before that same tournament for the following year is to take place, but with the case of JOs, earning points in the previous JOs(as long as you’re age eligible) will qualify you for the next JOs as well.

Division I points do trickle down to Junior and Cadet points’ lists.

You can also qualify through the RJCC points list where 2 RJCC results count toward your overall total. The top 25% in each Region will qualify for Junior Olympics.

The last way to qualify is to qualify through the Division JO Quals being held in December. You can sign up on AskFred here.

This covers most of the bases in which you can qualify for JOs, but probably doesn’t cover them all. Please ask your coaches or email us with more questions and we will find the answers if we don’t already know them ourselves.

Good luck and congrats to those who have already qualified!

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