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Southern California World Team Members

Congratulations to all the SoCal Cadet and Junior World Team Members!

In Men’s Epee, we have 2 from Southern California on the Junior World Team!

1st – Justin Yoo (UPenn/LAIFC)
2nd – Stephen Ewart Jr (Swords)

In Women’s Epee, we have 1 in Cadet and 1 in Junior!

Cadet Women’s Epee
3rd – Chloe Daniel (Fortune)

Junior Women’s Epee
1st – Kasia Nixon (Princeton/LAIFC)

In Men’s Foil, we have 1 on the Junior World Team!
1st – Nick Itkin (LAIFC)

That is a total of 5 fencers on the World Team from Southern California! Congratulations to the fencers, their families, their clubs, and their coaches! Great job!

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