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Important Announcement from SoCal Division Executive Committee

The Executive Committee recommends that the Division be included in the USFA’s group tax exemption.

This will require the Division to enter into an Affiliate Agreement with the USFA and adopt certain bylaws amendments, policy statements and other organizational documents required by the USFA, including:

1. Articles of Organization (articles_of_organization.pdf) (Required by the USFA, this document outlines non-profit status.)

2. Bylaws amendments, as shown in redlinesocalbylaws.pdf (includes provisions required by USFA, including a requirement that the Division be governed by a Board of Directors and that a majority of the Board be elected (see Affiliate Agreement), and the clean (new, unredlined) version socalbylaws.pdf

3. Affliliate Agreement with USFA (USFA_Affiliate_Charter_Agreement_.pdf)

4. Official policies (also required by USFA), included in USFA_Affiliate_Statement_of_Description_Purpose_.pdf and southerncaliforniadivisionofficialpolicies.pdf

Ordinarily, bylaws amendments would be presented at the February members meeting and adopted at the July members meeting. However, the USFA requires that we provide these documents by April 1, 2012, to be eligible for tax-exempt status for the 2011-2012 year. Thus we are requesting that, at the February member meeting, members agree to waive the bylaws requirement that amendments be made in July and adopt these proposed bylaws changes, together with the other documents and policies, at the February meeting. The Division may reaffirm those amendments at the July meeting, but a February adoption will allow us to file the documents on time.

Nota bene: This matter will be taken up at the February meeting (see Meetings tab). All documents cited here are available on the Forms tab.

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